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Melody - JOSIE & THE PUSSYCATS - The Quintessential Queen of all drums, looks, happiness and laughter. Even if a guy played on the real tracks , could you imagine how he must have felt , being upstaged by a cartoon character that probably influenced millions of young ladies at the time ?? (Don't lie!) "Favorite Episode: The one where the bad guys try and steal her drums because they put something important in it. She gets pissed off and runs after them, remember? That's when the true essence, the real Melody comes out. Don't you wish you could wiggle your ears like hers? I know I do." - Roz
Compiled By: WIZARD OF ROZ

1.) Irlene Mandrell - THE MANDRELL SISTERS - The queen of country- the ultimate lady who could play any music etc. and always smiled.

2.) Ginger Blanco - ISIS - GOLDIE & GINGER BREADS- Started in the 60's with Goldie , etc. Leader of progressive rock. We should all hope to come close to this. Circa. 1973 Scary.

3.) Liver Favela - BIRTHA - Massive singing drummer, truly mastered the art of the two. Tremendous. 1973

4.) Gina Schock - GO-GO'S - Champion of the 80's, although they began in the late 70's, you know she is "the" woman.

5.) Karen Carpenter - THE CARPENTERS - Miss Carpenter, true leader of the singing drummers. No, it wasn't Phil Collins or Don Henley.

6.) Moe Tucker- VELVET UNDERGROUND- Lady who started it all for R&R in the USA, Still plays to this day, thank God

7.) Lily Ann "Honey" Lantree - HONEYCOMBS - British lady who started it all for us. 1964 The hit "Have I The Right" Yes you did.

8.) Dottie Dodgion - Charlie Parker - The Jazz Master, who started all the women of Jazz.

9.) Alice DeBuhR - FANNY -BARBARA STREISAND- Another 60's / 70's queen . This band made everyone think twice about women rockin'.

10.) Janet Gambino - BLUESETTES - 60's band , this shows it was actually easier back then for women who wanted to play, believe it or not.

11.) Sandy West - RUNAWAYS - - The hardest woman on the list. Slick, incredible R&R power. Not just T&A.

12.) Brie Howard - BOXING GHANDIS- FANNY / AMERICAN GIRLS - replaced Alice in 70's, had an 80's band , great singer, played with Carole King. Amazing

13.) Suzy Zarow - BIG TROUBLE - Band started on MACK & JAMIE comedy show. Tremendous potential until album was released in 86.

14.) Denise Dufort - GIRLSCHOOL - Leading British heavy metal band, still rockin after all these years.

15.) Carol M. Control - PRECIOUS METAL -Extremely fun power band, in 80's, True power should definitelybe appreciated.

16.) Atsuko Yamano - SHONENKNIFE - Japanese import. Small but never underestimated. Extremely Vicious.

17.) Roxy Petrucci - VIXEN / MADAMX - 1st. maker of the motorcycle drum set. One of the true leaders of hard rock.

18.) Kopana Terry - STEALIN' HORSES - Great 80's sister band. Made a couple of great records. Truly missed.

19.) Sherri Waggner - TIN ANGEL- band that featured queen engineer, Julie Last. Made a great record circa. 1983.

20.) Cristel Little -TÉTÉS NOIRES - 80's band, not very well known but, lots of action.

21.) Sheila E. - E-TRAIN -The queen of jazz/fusion . There is no other (male wise!)

22.) Vivian Stoll - ISIS - (1977) Took over Ginger 's chair in '77, did a great job.

23.) Jodi Lindscott - WHO / DAVID GILMOUR, ETC. - Goddess of all percussion. If you don't know who she is "get a life".

24.) Liberty Mata - ISIS - Leader of the percussion movement; along with Ginger, made some great noise.

25.) Bobbye Hall - STEVIE NICKS, ETC. - Percussionist who showed extreme class, played with countless others.

26.) Cindy Blackman - LENNY KRAVITZ - Jazz drummer rocks out and looks great too. Incredible.

27.) Cheryl Bullock - REBEL PEBBLES - Cute rock band tremendous power. Makes you forget they were sweet.

28.) Dawn Richardson - 4- NON -BLONDES / TRINKET - Leader of the 90's. Her version of "Misty Mountain Hop" shows even women can play Led Zeppelin.

29.) Lynn Perko -SISTER DOUBLE HAPPINESS / IMPERIAL TEEN - Terrific sounds from powerful classic lady, who returns with new band.

30.) Carla Azar - WENDY & LISA - after leaving Prince, the ladies smarten up and hire MS. Azar. Brilliant.

31.) Julie Turner - ROCK GODDESS- Another British hitter and sister band. Great rock'n'roll.

32.) Georgia Hubley - YOLATENGO - Lady shows she can handle the dudes, as well as playing Mo Tucker in a weird movie.

33.) Kelly Callan - WEDNESDAY WEEK - Short lived great 80's sister band . Please come back!

34.) June Miles Kingston - MO - DETTES - Leader of the punks, wild music & madness.

35.) Palmolive - SLITS - Another punk leader, with much more madness. Later with the RAINCOATS.

36.) Janet (Jake) Lampert - BÉBÉ-K-ROCHE - One of the leaders of Olivia Records Session Women.

37.) Tui - TERESA TRULL - Olivia Records artist, played great drums on those records.

38.) M.L.Orth - TERESA TRULL - Continuing list of Olivia Records greats, goes on. Great stuff.

39.) Cam Davis - CRIS WILLIAMSON - Played incredible at 15th Anniversary Olivia Records show.

40.) Annette Aguilar - CASSELBURY / DUPREE - Supporter of women's music movement in the 80's.

41.) Linda Geiger - DIANNE DAVIDSON - More of the Olivia players, terrific jamming at anniversary show.

42.) Judy Parsons - BELLESTARS - Reggae gets new look with leading female Reggae / SKA band.

43.) Stephanie Seymour - AQUANETTAS - Leader of New York scene. Unfortunately have broken up.Hopefully will return.

44.) Karen Blanfeld - PANDORAS - Short lived band following the death of their lead singer. Classic.

45.) Caroline Corr - CORRS - Cool new soft rock band, full of sisters and 1 brother. Great music.

46.) Lilla Yvette Preyer - ISSAC HAYES - If you haven't seen this yet, you might just learn something. You'll never hear "Shaft" the same way again.

47.) Gail Kenny - POISON DOLLYS - Wild hard rock band. Good power.

48.) Akiko Takahashi - ARSNOVA - Latest greatest import of Japan. Greatest progressive band of the 90's, finally.

49.) Sherrie Maricle - DIVA - Quintessential all female jazz band , led by the lady herself. Brilliant.

50.) Nancy Given Prout - WILD ROSE -1st all female country band , made 3 great albums , Please come back!

51.) Bernadette Cooper -KLYMAXX- Pure R&B/Funk genius .The way it should be. Another missing link to find.

52.) Debbi Peterson - BANGLES - A lot of people had problems with her but she was pretty darn good.

53.) Teresa Taylor - BUTHOLE SURFERS - 83-89 - Crazy woman with band led by lunatics . Wild stuff.

54.) Linda Macdonald- PHANTOM BLUE - Good rockin' metal from lost 80's band.

55.) Sue Evans - SUZANNE VEGA - 85 Former Vega lady did a tremendous job that year. Truly missed.

56.) Terri Lyne Carrington - The only female drummer to grace the cover of Modern Drummer! Another jazz queen, shined on the Arsenio Hall Show, still makes good jazz.

57.) Christine Hanson - LINDA TILLERY - Another classic Olivia drummer.

58.) Lori Barbero - BABES IN TOYLAND - Alternative(?) - Lady also sings, great '94 tribute to Miss Carpenter.

59.) Janet Housden - REDD KROSS - no longer with the band, did great while she lasted. Sorely missed.

60.) Patty Schemel - HOLE- Probably the leader of grunge rock. (whatever that is!)

61.) Kate Schellenbach - LUCIOUS JACKSON- former BEASTIE BOY?- Kicks their butts easily. Cool funk.

62.) Valerie Agnew - 7 YEAR BITCH - Seattle/GRRL - Not just a drummer, but an important activist.Great.

63.) Bonnie Johnson - SILVA KOHAN - Jazz drummer for obscure female jazz band. Should be searched for.

64.) Sharon Bailey - AMAZULU- Reggae tinged band, more worldly and exciting.

65.) Tobi Vali - BIKINI KILL - Another GRRL, if Seattle rocks, this is the way it should.

66.) Stephanie Leigh - NO SHAME - Obscure British metal quartet. Didn't last , but was very interesting.

67.) Dee Plakas - L7 - Wacko woman true wildness from grunge world.

68.) Becky Wreck - LUNACHICKS - NYC Mad woman. Strong in long line of NY female drummers.

69.) Tina - FUZZBOX - Freaky British ladies, great dance rock.

70.) Elissa Bello - Go - Go's - Started the queens of Rock & Roll. Too bad she became Ill. will not forget

71.) Darlene Destructo - ORIGINAL SIN - Hard rockin' band in the 80's , long since forgotten. With a name like Destructo?

72.) Miss Rona - For starting Female Drummer Newsletter, Certainly deserves her "spot" on the list. The Queen of Oregon, our spiritual leader.

73.) Yvette Scott - MASCARA - FREEDOM SUITE- Another New Yorker preserving and creating great R&R /Funky music.

74.) Dawn McGraff -COCKTAILLICA - NY Goddess, playing for former "CYCLE SLUTS" vocalist. True greats of NY.

75.) Wizard Of Roz - QRT/ VINCE MARTEL BAND - Playing the Vanilla Fudge stuff, taught me a thing or two. Maybe I'll be higher soon.

76.) Adrienne - QRT - My personal 2nd in command, not for long. Powerful tiny lady in my band. She will scare people.

77.) Stephanie - MAUL GIRLS - Another NY lady. Band will be big soon. Wild exciting show. Must see.

78.) Tina Stromberg -ICE AGE - Swedish import, and not an Abba /Ace Base clone either. Hard rockin' all the way.

79.) Hilary Jones - TRIBAL TECH, ETC. - Plays with all jazz greats. Knows how to fly.

80.) Elaine Harris - TRIP SHAKESPEARE - Goes with the " 1 lady in the guy band" list. Handles it very well.

81.) Janet Beveridge Bean - 11th DREAM DAY- another in the category. Good cool music.

82.) Mary Ann Marshall - CHIA PET - 92 "Freedom of choice "compilation, puts them as the strangest band yet.

83.) Doreen Holmes - CATHOLIC GIRLS - All girl "Catholics" (suits and all) created great noise in 1982.

84.) Debra Dobkin - BONNIE RAITT - Latest percussionist , plays with great passion on Mrs. Raitt's stuff.

85.) Crystal Tafiedero - BILLY JOEL, ETC. - Great vocalist . Also rocks out with the best of them.

86.) Pam Barger - 2 NICE GIRLS - Women's music band, played great pop/rock.

87.) Alannah Currie - THOMPSON TWINS / BABBLE - You're probably thinking " get real", well you "get real", she rules.

88.) DIANE KEYSER -MEANSTREAK- International all-star classic metal ladies, courtesy of great 1988 album "Roadkill".

89.) Denise Fraser - STRAPONS / JOHN MAYALL - ETC. - Strange choice ? No. Totally established. Pretty damn cool.

90.) Slade Bellum - TRIBE 8 - Kinky San Francisco - all dyke punk band (by their own admission) makes for some wild moments.

91.) Sue Hadjopoulos - JOE JACKSON - Percussionist- Great lady, extremely exciting, played with everyone.

92.) Terri Moeller - WALKABOUTS - Lonely lady surrounded by dudes. Does outstanding work.

93.) Jody Seifert - CAKE LIKE - New band with great sound , should be recognized more.

94.) Janelle Burdell - JUNE & JEAN MILLINGTON - It's nice to know the Millingtons still employ ladies Amazing.

95.) Michelle Mangione - FIXATIONS - Famous California drum teacher. I'd much rather take lessons from a woman anytime.

96.) Vicki Randle - KENNY LOGGINS, ETC. - Shined nightly on the Jay Leno Show. Played with everybody.

97.) Suzette Arriagla - SELENA - Hopefully this tragedy won't keep her from playing. She's fantastic.

98.) Sheri Kaplan - PANDORA'S - 1989 Took over for Karen Blanfield and did a good job.

99.) Tammy Glover - BOHO - California lady comes from string of L.A. rockers.

100.) Aimee Walden - SURFING BRIDES - Old I.R.S. act, featured little Miss Walden. Circa 1994

This list is to document the female drummers and their accomplishments. Their placement on the list does not indicate their musical ability or professional standing.